10 Quick Facts About Clark Gable:

1.  He was accidentally listed as a female on his birth certificate

2. His mom died of a brain tumor when he was less than a year old

3. When he was first in Hollywood (1924), he went by W.C. Gable (his full name was William Clark Gable).  By 1925, he had changed it to Clark Gable. 

4. He had almost a full set of dentures when he was only 32, because of a bad gum infection in 1933, he had to have most of his teeth removed and replaced by dentures, which caused him to suffer from halitosis.  During Gone with the Wind, Vivien Leigh complained about how foul the stench was…but they got along really well other than that. 

5.  He was a bit obsessed with cleanliness.  He showered several times a day and never took a bath because he was disgusted by the thought of sitting in dirty water.  He also had his sheets changed every single day. 

6.  He had an affair with Loretta Young while making The Call of the Wild.  It resulted in a daughter, Judy Lewis. Loretta disappeared for a while to have the baby and denied it was Gable’s — she said she had adopted.  It wasn’t much of a secret, though — Judy grew up looking exactly like him (big ears and all), and the ruse was blown, even though Loretta never admitted it until well after Judy was an adult.  Judy actually had surgery at the age of seven to make her ears less prominent. 

7.  He won an Academy Award for his role in It Happened One Night, but gave it away to a kid who thought it was pretty.  He figured winning it was more important than owning it.  The Oscar was given back to Clark Gable’s widow after he died in 1960. 

8.  Clark Gable single-handedly made the sales of men’s undershirts drop…maybe.  During It Happened One Night, he takes off his shirt and has nothing on underneath — keep in mind, this was a time men always wore undershirts.  Supposedly, the fad swept the nation and men’s undershirts collected dust at the stores. 

9.  He was so angry that his co-star, Hattie McDaniel wasn’t allowed to attend the premiere of Gone with the Wind, he was planning on boycotting it.  He only ended up going because Hattie convinced him that it was OK.  They were good friends and he enjoyed pranking her on the set of the movie — he once slipped alcohol into the teapot she was supposed to pour herself a drink out of; she didn’t realize he made the switch until she tasted it. 

10. His movie Red Dust with Jean Harlow and Mary Astor in 1932 was remade in 1951 as Mogambo with Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner.  He played the same roll in both movies.


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